Attention all influencers: cash or crypto? What would you choose for promoting Sweatcoin?

Last chance to ramp up your Sweatcoins before TGE

Sweatcoin Updates

The story:

Save the date - September 12th marks our TGE - Token Generation Event. Calendar check: that’s not even 1 week away. If you’re not excited, you should be!

What will happen:

We’ll introduce SWEAT: the token, to the world. A new cryptocurrency you generate with your steps on the Sweatcoin app. SWEAT will be available to eligible Sweatcoin users who opted in to crypto.

SWEAT tokens you earned will appear in the Sweat Wallet app.



If you wish to receive SWEAT token and have already opted in on Sweatcoin app, it’s time to install the Sweat Wallet app and wait for the drop!As you might suspect, the Token Generation Event might just be the largest crypto distribution in history! *cue the confetti*.

The good part:

Your current sweatcoin balance - meaning all the sweatcoin you have earned so far - will be matched 1:1 with SWEAT. *Slow your scroll: this 1:1 rate will never happen again*. More on SWEAT, here.

The tricky part - we mean, master plan:

After September 12th, if you want to earn crypto for steps, your first 5,000 steps a day will mint SWEAT (any more steps will create sweatcoins as normal). While 1 sweatcoin = 1,000 steps, SWEAT will become exponentially more difficult to mint with time.

That’s why jumping on the chance to ramp up your current sweatcoin balance NOW, *before* TGE is EPIC.

What you need to do:

There’s an easy way to make the most out of SWEAT, our new token. All you’ll have to do is get inviting. You earn 5 sweatcoins for every invite and that’s a LOT. So, step on it!

A classic case of get 'em while they’re hot. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Send invites & get the chance to win BIG from invites generated in the next months - sweatcoin/SWEAT or cash rewards - yes, you can still redeem cash rewards for your invites if you like… cash or crypto - it’s up to you.
  • Seize this limited time opportunity and promote Sweatcoin even more - we’re talking posts, videos, reels, invites - share that link & get the word out! Low effort, high reward, people!
  • Do your best to explain the benefits of downloading & using the app as much as possible, until & after TGE - don’t forget about our awesome features that are super game-changers when it comes to getting more rewards (Daily Boost)
  • Use the time left to ramp up your balance, the easy way - promoting the app and inviting friends using your link!
  • Be the first to let people know about the hottest new crypto in town and give them all the deets - everybody is going to want the scoop!

Start promoting Sweatcoin ASAP. You snooze, you lose.

That’s basically the idea of this prompt. So, what’s it gonna be, guys? Wanna be on the winning side? 5 invites = 5 sweatcoins. You’re welcome! Now, get to it, start promoting Sweatcoin now!