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Most common questions

How do you pay influencers?

We can send payments to your PayPal account or to your bank account through Wise (formerly Transferwise).

I redeemed a reward but lost the Typeform, what shall I do?

Please fill in this typeform so we can assist you further. We’ll send you an email confirmation after submitting your form.

When will I receive the payment into my bank account?

Our payment terms are usually 3 business days (Mon - Fri), but they can take up to a week or so to fully process.

I gave you the wrong PayPal email address. How do I change it?

You can fill in this Typeform with the correct information and we will process the payment to the account.

Please note that we can make this change only if the payment has not been processed yet.

If the payment has been processed and claimed, we can’t cancel the transaction or refund the payment, unless it’s been returned to us.

When claiming your rewards, please check your payment details before submission.

Why are my invites not counting?

Please ensure that users you are inviting are new to the app. A successful invite is a new user who has downloaded the Sweatcoin app using your unique referral link. This new user must then create an account in the Sweatcoin app using a mobile number, email address, Apple ID, or Google profile that has not been registered with us before. Moreover, this newly registered user must start walking and have a step count of more than zero. A new user who hasn’t completed this action is not yet considered a successful invite.

Furthermore, followers are different to invites - anyone can follow you and we do not payout for these. Each successful invite must come from a unique user who has not registered with Sweatcoin before. Furthermore, a user cannot create multiple accounts and be counted as multiple successful invites.

How do I cash out my balance?

To clarify you cannot convert your Sweatcoin balance into cash or transfer them to paypal.

Sweatcoins can only be spent in our marketplace for products/rewards.

However, you can earn cash rewards through successful invites, once you have generated enough successful invites, you will be able to claim your rewards from the influencer hub under the 'cash rewards' section, this will also tell you how many more invites you need to unlock the cash reward.

Once you have achieved the number of successful invites needed, simply follow the link to fill out the Typeform with your reward code and you will receive your payment shortly (within 3 business days).

My Sweatcoin account is disabled. Can you still process my reward?

No, we can’t process payments to influencers who no longer have an active account on Sweatcoin.

If your account is disabled for any reason, it means you’re no longer a registered user. Only registered users can qualify to become a Sweatcoin influencer.

Paypal payments

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, you may log into your PayPal account to check whether any payment has come through.

PayPal transfers are usually instant, but in some cases, can take up to 72 hours.

If you have a confirmation email but no payment is reflected in your account, this may be due to:
- You haven’t confirmed your email address on PayPal, or
You haven’t added the US dollar (USD) currency in your account

To learn how to accept money in a new currency, please go to PayPal’s support page.

Wise payments

You will receive an email from Wise Support with instructions to fill out your bank details.

After submitting your details, your payment may take up to 2 business days to reach you.

Still need help? Please contact our Support Team