Attention all Sweatcoin influencers: your cash rewards are waiting for you, in our app!

your cash rewards are waiting for you, in our app!

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If you have already claimed cash rewards from Sweatcoin, this article is not for you. However, if you just started as an influencer and are not quite sure how this works, we recommend this 5 minute read. It’s GOLD.

Don't like to waste time? Yeah, we thought so. Here’s a small checklist to find out if this article is for you:

  1. Are you a Sweatcoin influencer?

If the answer is yes, awesome. This means you already invited more than 20 people who joined Sweatcoin from your link. You should see the Influencer Program prompt on your home screen, that will take you to the Influencer HUB.

If you’re not a Sweatcoin influencer, yet you really love our app and want to inspire others to move & earn more, but you're not sure how to become one, no worries. We got you:

I know, we’ve almost made it too easy! So, start promoting the Sweatcoin app to your friends and followers, make some cool videos in your unique style and add the link in your bio. Fall can be a great time to encourage your audience to stay active, you better be-leaf it. Plus you’ll have a ton of crave assets and support from us.

  1. Did you claim your cash rewards?

If you’ve already done it, congrats! You’re one step ahead of the rest. And can stop reading the text all together - no offense taken!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about or how to do it, listen up. The idea behind joining Sweatcoin’s influencer program is to grow your invites and redeem them for cash and exciting rewards in the Influencer Hub.

That’s right in the Sweatcoin app.

There you’ll find your current invite balance - aka, the number of verified invites (people who have downloaded the app from your link and started walking).

You can choose between reward options - cash rewards or special offers. The more people you invite, the bigger the cash rewards you can unlock. We’re into rewarding people for taking the extra step, that’s why we believe that our own influencers would get a fair & immediate pay out. Hence the in-app automatic process!

Note to influencer self: If you’re experiencing FOMO right now, don’t worry, it’s totally natural and entirely avoidable if you go to the in-app Influencer Hub and claim those rewards.

  1. Are your cash rewards available?

If not, we’ll display how many more invites you need to make until this becomes a possibility. Keep up the good work!

If they are up for grabs and you see something like the image below, click and fill in the form to get paid.

  1. Did you fill out the form to claim your rewards?

Yup. That’s all you need to do to get your hands on the cash rewards.

We’ll send an email confirmation after you have submitted said form to confirm. Your rewards will be sent to your preferred payment method in approximately 3 business days!