ATTN Sweatcoin influencers: A new way to engage with your audience & earn more. Discover CLUBS!

A new way to engage with your audience & earn more. Discover CLUBS!

Sweatcoin Updates

Get ready to spice up your Sweatcoin experience with our brand new feature - Clubs!

It's time to gather your squad and embark on an exciting journey filled with challenges, rewards, and endless fun. After all, that’s where all the cool Sweatcoin kids are, in the club! Spread the news with your peeps and get ready to create the hottest club in town with your name on it! (yes, you can name your club after you or come up with a clever little phrase that makes sense to you and your audience. It doesn’t matter, as long as you let everybody know about it).

With Clubs, you have the power to build a community like never before. Connect with like-minded individuals and inspire each other. The best part: your club, your rules!

Create Exclusive Club Activities & Challenges

One of the highlights of Clubs is the ability to create exclusive activities and challenges for your tribe. Ignite the competitive spirit within your members and watch them unleash their inner walking (peaceful) warrior. Get creative, get active, and get ready to conquer new fit goals together.

Win Special Step Rewards

We've got some amazing NEW rewards lined up just for you! Introducing step rewards, aka a new way for sweatcoin influencers to monetize their community. That means that Sweatcoin influencers who successfully motivate followers to generate more steps will be rewarded if they meet the step goal.

First up goal: Rally your club members and aim to achieve a collective step count of 15 million in just 14 days, until August 10, 2023. Can you feel the adrenaline pumping already?

If your club manages to conquer this feat, you'll not only emerge victorious but also stand a chance to win $30! It’s all in the numbers: the more members your club has, the easier it will be to crush this challenge. So, spread the word and bring in your friends, family, and even your next-door neighbor!

Get Your Club Featured

Now, here's the secret to making your club the hottest ticket in town - get featured on Sweatcoin's top club list!

Imagine your club proudly sitting at the top, with crowds clamoring to join. How do you achieve this level of fame? It's simple! Promote your club like there's no tomorrow on social media.

Tag us @sweatcoin and @promotesweatcoin, and let the world know why your club is the place to be. We’re here to help make this happen! Reach out to our team on our dedicated influencer discord server for a chance to be featured!!

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to kick-start the coolest club ever and get your sweat on. Create your own club and join forces with other influencers, friends, and even your arch-nemesis-turned-friend, because when it comes to Sweatcoin clubs, everyone is welcome.