Back to Action Giveaway Winners

Back to Action Prize Draw Winners

Sweatcoin Updates

Recently, we held our Back In Action giveaway, which welcomed influencers back to a regular life, with the end of the summer. Any influencer that redeemed at least $100 was granted an entry to the giveaway. Every additional $100 redeemed provided you with additional entries!

We are now excited to announce the 15 winners for our Back In Action Giveaways. Drumroll please…

Super Prize Winners:1st Place: deux types - @Valentin.locteau(iPad Pro or $1,000 in cash)

2nd Place: fvnny - @Endshumour (Apple Pencil or $130 in cash)

Places 3-15 Have Won a Branded Sweatcoin Water Bottle & 250 Sweatcoins:

3rd Place: 6.30pm - @6.30pm

4th Place: memezz - @Memefolded

5th Place: hwla - @Hardware_luca_old

6th Place: studmania - @Studmania

7th Place: ghazalkhalouf5 - @Ghazal_Khalouf (Tik Tok)

8th Place: salimdjerar - @Salimdjerar

9th Place: dizlur - @Dizlur

10th Place: liambruno - @Awards

11th Place: childshoodpost - @Childshoodpos

t12th Place: hoodcentral - @Hoodscentral

13th Place: howard100 - @Going4aWalk

14th Place: midnightmemes - @Midnightmemes (250 Sweatcoins)

15th Place: swiftsalary - @Swiftsalary (100 Sweatcoins)

Congratulations to all the winners! Great work, what a well deserved prize! Keep it going, we have many more giveaways coming up. Also, make sure to check out our Influencer Competition - you can find details on our Instagram Page @PromoteSweatcoin.