Best of 2022: milestones, records & gratitude

Best of 2022: milestones, records & gratitude

Sweatcoin Updates

In honor of 2022 taking a bow, we’re revealing all the super stats that made our Promote Sweatcoin a huge success.

First things first: we couldn't have done it without YOU, our amazing influencers that are doing such a top-notch job on helping Sweatcoin become a household name. Love you, mean it!

Here are this year's standouts…

🌟 Over 10 mill (10338933) people signing up through a direct result of our influencer     programme

🌟 a total of 32163 rewards claimed

🌟 6 influencer competitions

2022 = Over ONE TRILLION steps worldwide 🤯

That’s a big deal! It amounts to:

  • 👣 walking around the Earth 36,500 times! (teaching moment: did you know that it takes 52,592,074 steps to walk around the Earth?)
  • 🪜climbing to the Moon 980 times - yes, we said climbing! Imagine stairs, if you will and know that the climb to the Moon is 240,000 miles, which is 1,267,200,000 feet. House stairs are 7 3/4 inches tall, so you need 1,962,116,129 steps to climb that high!
  • 🇺🇸 completing the distance across the US 305k times (from Florida to Washington, aka the longest straight line distance across the United States, there are 2,802 miles)
  • 🥢 walking across Asia 110k times (7,761 miles)
  • ☀️ Walk to the sun and back 45 times (Earth's distance from the sun averages to about 93 million miles, that’s 150 million km)
  • 🚶Going to Chincha Alta, Peru – Siem Reap, Cambodia 7 back 69k times - 20,010 km (the world’s two furthest cities apart!)

2023, here we come!

We promise to unlock more exclusive challenges, features & rewards that make sense for each and everyone of you, that would have you feeling motivated all year long!

As always, follow our Instagram & TikTok channels for the latest challenges and fun!

Oops, almost forgot: you still have time to cash in on our Festive Rewards until the 4th of Jn 2023 - unlimited regards for all influencers, world wide! You’re welcome! Now get to it!

2023, we’re ready for BIG things together!

From our family, to yours, we wish you a Happy New Year!