🚀 Cheers to 2023: Let's Break Records Together!

2023 Wrap up: honoring the epic achievements of 2023 and all of you that made

Sweatcoin Updates

Hey, hey. 

2024 is less than 3 days away, and we can't wait to dive into another year of epic achievements with YOU—the heartbeat of our success! 🎉Before we get geared up for new walking adventures together, let's take a moment to honor the epic achievements of 2023 and all of you that made them possible. For real, Sweatcoin influencers are the BEST! 

Drumroll, please...here are 2023’s numbers:

🌟 Over 6.5 M new sign-ups: Thanks to your stellar influence, we've welcomed a staggering number of new faces into the Sweatcoin family. You're making waves, and we LOVE it! 💙

🌟 488.72 M of SWC rewards claimed: Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Well, you can have rewards, and you've claimed them with style. High-fives all around! 🙌

🌟 A total of 15 Influencer Competitions: Because why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary and earn double? Let's keep the competitive spirit alive! 🏆

🌟 12.8K+ new registered influencers in the Influencer Hub this year - The family is getting bigger and bigger!

Steps Walked Globally: Brace yourselves for this mind-blowing number! In 2023, we collectively took over 17+ BILLION steps worldwide. Here's the scoop:

👣 Just as you read it, collectively we made a total of 17,208.68 billion steps clocked globally! CRAZY, right?

Curious who did most of the steps? Here are the Top 5 countries for Sweatcoins earned: #1 USA, #2 UK, #3 Brazil, #4 Saudi Arabia and #5 Germany!

Sweatcoin users were not just super active, they were also extra generous this year: 391 M Sweatcoins were donated to charity this year (in total, by all users). KUDOS, everyone! We really are making the world a better place with your steps.

Are you following your friends in the app? Awesome! In 2023 6.5 M friends were invited to the app by our users, because they know the truth: everything is better with friends!

2024, Here We Come! 

Get ready for more exclusive challenges, features, and rewards tailored just for YOU. We're committed to keeping the motivation high all year long. 🚀

From our Sweatcoin family to yours, wishing you a Happy New Year filled with stepping into greatness!