Don’t miss the Biggest Happy Hour Yet

You can get almost *double the payout* on highest rewards

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Influencers, are you ready to double your earnings?

Yup, it’s happening! Say hello to the Biggest Happy Hour of all time! An epic event you’ll want to take advantage of, for sure. The first-of-its-kind happy hour we’re running starting today is all about bigger rewards. Need more details? Keep reading! 

We thought it’s about time to up our game when it comes to rewards. You’ll have to do the same, but with invites since until March 16, 2023, you can get almost *double the payout* on highest rewards. And yes, this special offer is valid for all countries and all influencers, limited to 3 per user. SWEEEET, right?

Simple steps to follow:

Any influencer can join, big or small. It’s such an amazing opportunity to earn more, so get inviting asap. Go to the Influencer Hub, you have all the info there. 

1. Check out your Happy Hour Reward in the app now!

2. Use your unique referral link to invite your followers: - your name should go right there, at the end, for eg

3. Make sure to cash out your reward by Mar 22, 2023

4. If you have any questions reach us via email at 

How to make the most out of this Happy Hour?

Need some on-the-go inspiration to max out your earnings during Happy Hour month? Here’s an easy fix: DUET our video & invite your audience to do the same. This video is part of the #sweatcoinvsgym challenge and it’s about asking people to show us how they replace the gym with fun outdoor activities and earn sweatcoin while doing them. 

Couldn’t be any easier:

  • Use our video with the DUET feature on TikTok or REMIX for Instagram
  • Add the hashtag #sweatcoinvsgym
  • Add your unique Sweatcoin invite link, of course  

Get filming and inviting until March 16!

Need more time? Don’t worry. Any invites you didn’t redeem in time will still add up to your regular balance. You’ll be able to cash them out as standard rewards in your Influencer Hub.