Everything you need to know about the NEW SWEAT Wallet

Get the scoop on the SWEAT Wallet App & how to promote it

Sweatcoin Updates

The story:

SWEAT is live - the biggest crypto launch of 2022 just happened a few days ago. The *new app* - SWEAT Wallet - is already the No.1 Finance app in 51 countries and made the Top 5 in Finance in 115 countries. Interested? We thought so! 

If you’re still wrapping your head around the best way to help your audience navigate this awesome crypto news and get them moving & earning big time, don’t worry. We got you. Here’s a breakdown of everything SWEAT Wallet related, in bite-sized information that can be easily shared. 

Plus, we’ve prepared a super quick video tutorial that will fire up all your circuits on how to install the new SWEAT Wallet App. All your most pressing SWEAT questions and how to answer them, coming right up!

SWEAT, Decoded:

Remember Sweatcoin, the fastest growing Health & Fitness app in the world? 

Tip: The Sweatcoin app is an excellent point to start when introducing SWEAT to the people since SWEAT is minted solely by verified movement (steps tracked by Sweatcoin).

Remind your audience about Sweatcoin and just how easy it will be to mint crypto with their steps and urge them to download & use it (again). We still stand with the simple motto that kept us moving: “The more you walk, the more you earn.”

The main idea to get across:

👉 If you have installed the Sweatcoin app and opted into crypto - you need the new SWEAT Wallet App to access your tokens. There’s no other way. 

👉 If you haven’t yet - it’s not too late.

👉 The Sweat Wallet App: a place to manage your SWEAT with awesome integrated features & more coming! 

Here’s what you need to know about SWEAT so you can start earning with every step:

  • Sweat is the new cryptocurrency everyone can mint with their steps. More on that, here.
  • It’s already a big deal: 7 of the best exchanges in the world listed SWEAT from day one (13th Sept)! 
  • It all started with Sweatcoin - the #1 free health & fitness app in the world which rewards daily steps with a new-generation currency you can spend on cool products, donate to charity or convert into SWEAT.
  • There are 13M+ Wallets created

Steps on how to literally walk into crypto & get some SWEAT. Two words: easy peasy. 

  • Go to your Sweatcoin app
  • Review your Sweatcoin balance
  • Opt-in to Crypto if you haven’t by now
  • Download the NEW SWEAT Wallet app & login 

Check out the exact steps on how to install the SWEAT Wallet:

Holding SWEAT has many benefits: 

  • it can be staked for yield and amazing rewards - like vouchers and discounts for blue-chip brands including Adidas, Amazon and Nike; Tickets to events: sporting events, and concerts; Stablecoins (USDT and USDC)
  • applied to NFTs - We are building a casual, dynamic NFT game in the Sweat Wallet app. This will arrive shortly after TGE.
  • and grant access to improved features in the Sweat Wallet App - higher stakers of SWEAT could access premium features, lower transaction fees, and increased daily minting limits.
  • Coming soon: NFTs - a fun, casual game where users go head to head to earn SWEAT!

What do you say? Ready to wow your audience with all the answers about the SWEAT Wallet app?

If you’re “that friend who’s obsessed with crypto” (every group has one!), don’t miss the chance to cover the SWEAT Wallet App launch and help others get some SWEAT. A TikTok video, YouTube tutorial and even a blog post works just fine. Don’t forget to tag us or drop us a Q if you need more answers. If you want a further collaboration on this part, contact us anytime.