Festive Rewards + influencer competition for a December to remember! 🎄

Festive Rewards + influencer competition for a December to remember! 🎄

Sweatcoin Updates

Extra, extra, read all about it: this holiday season ALL influencers, from all countries, have access to Festive Rewards!

It’s time to be fa-la-la-la focused and seize every opportunity to increase your payouts and make the most out of this special festive treat this Christmas season. Oh, yeah, to top everything off, we’re running the last influencer competition of 2022.  Details, below!

Remind me … what are Festive Rewards again?

Festive rewards is our way of spoiling our awesome Sweatcoin influencers (YOU!) by offering more per each invite and lowering the threshold so they’ll need even fewer invites to cash out. Yup, we’re nice like that!

That means it just got a ho-ho-whole lot easier and more rewarding to invite new users. Need we say more?

Are Festive Rewards open for everybody?

Yes! It’s Christmas, duh! Festive rewards are open to ALL influencers, from all around the world, BUT for a limited time only. You still have until 4th Jan, 2023.

How to get your hands on them?

Here’s the list of steps to follow. Check it twice (wink-wink). As usual, the Influencer Hub has all the answers & info you need.

  1. Find your Festive Rewards in the app now!
  2. Use your unique referral link to invite your followers
  3. Make sure to cash out your reward by 4th Jan, 2023

Ok, what’s the influencer invite competition all about?

The mechanics: it works off an in-app leaderboard, of course.  Once you or any other influencer chooses to enter the competition, you’ll be added to the leaderboard which displays invite count so we can all see who’s ranking on the top.

We will have 10 leaderboard prizes for the top 10 inviters worldwide and 6 prize draw prizes for everyone who enters.

Did someone say prizes?

Leaderboard Prizes:

1st Place: Macbook Air or $1,000 USD in Cash

2nd place: Apple watch or $350 in Cash

3nd Place: AirPod Pros or $200 USD in Cash

4rd Place: $100 USD in Cash

5th Place: $100 USD in Cash

6th Place: $100 USD in Cash

7th Place: $100 USD in Cash

8th Place: 3,500 Sweatcoins

9th Place: 2,500 Sweatcoins

10th Place: 1,750 Sweatcoins

Prize draw Prizes:

1st Place: AirPod Pros or $200 USD in Cash

2nd Place: Apple AirTags (3 Pack) or $100 USD in Cash

3nd Place: 2,500 Sweatcoins

4rd Place: 1,750 Sweatcoins

5th Place: 1000 Sweatcoins

6th Place: 500 Sweatcoins

Why enter? Well… There are prizes worth more than $2000 in cash & gifts from us! Get your name on the winner’s leaderboard until 4th Jan, 2022.

There’s no better time to earn more than NOW!

Happy Inviting (we mean Holidays!)