Happy Hour is Back With Increased Rewards

Happy Hour is Back With Increased Rewards

Sweatcoin Updates

Hey, Hey.

In case you needed a little reminder, summer is just around the corner. Since we started with uplifting news, here’s more: until May 23rd, 2023, you can get almost double the payout on small cash rewards. Small cash rewards, big value!

Up for more positive vibes? This offer is valid for ALL countries and ALL influencers, limited to 5 per user! (can we get a woop, woop?!)

Warmer weather = endless walks.

And a lot more opportunities to earn more by promoting Sweatcoin as the best walking buddy a person could have. Making the most out of sunny days and getting double the rewards? Now that’s what we call a good time!

So, how do you get started? It's super simple.

  1. First, check out your Happy Hour Reward in the app now - Trust us, you won't want to pass on this limited-time offer!
  1. Next, use your unique referral link to invite your followers:  sweatco.in/i/influencer to join in on the fun. Share it with all of your sweatcoin-loving friends and followers. They'll thank you for introducing them to such a fantastic way to earn rewards just for being active.
  1. Cash out your reward by May 23rd, 2023! Make sure to mark it down in your calendars so you don't forget or miss out on all of your hard-earned rewards.
  1. Of course, if you have any questions about this exciting promotion or any other Sweatcoin-related stuff, reach out to us via email at influencers@sweatco.in. We're here to help!

💡 No worries: any invites you didn’t redeem in time you’ll be able to cash out as standard cash rewards in your Influencer Hub.

Lacking some inspo on how to make the best out of these double rewards? Say no more!

Here are some ideas that you could easily play with: how about an awesome challenge that involves using our app in a unique way? Or perhaps you could collaborate with other influencers to create something truly special. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and start crafting engaging content that will make your followers sit up, take notice and download Sweatcoin, asap!

👉🏻 By the way: mentioning that the app is free to download is one of the key drivers to catch people’s attention and make them install. Just a little nugget of wisdom from us :).  Happy inviting!