Influencer Happy Hour is HERE! Invite friends & get double, this week only!

Happy hour rewards just landed for LATAM

Sweatcoin Updates

Show of hands: Who doesn’t love Happy Hour? Nobody? Thought so!

That’s why we prepared a flash week of increased rewards when sending invites. Introducing the Influencer Happy Hour (actually, it’s a whole week). Here’s the breakdown on what’s that about and how you can score big rewards.

What’s happening …

An exclusive offer of $20 for 50 invites!

For THIS week only, you can earn more per invite and the best part - you need fewer invites to cash out than usual, thanks to our special rewards given between 25-31 July, 2022. We decided to call it Happy Hour, or you know, Happy Week in this case!

The offer will be $20 for 50 invites which is around double the payout you can usually get. Ca-ching!

It just got way easier and more rewarding to invite new users. Our special rewards are open to ALL influencers - but for a limited time only!

… in your TikTok/ Instagram account: Sweatcoin invite prompt from you to your followers

Be quick - these rewards are exclusively for invites earned during the week (25th - 31st July).

Need more time? Don’t worry. Any invites you didn’t redeem in time will still add up to your regular balance. You’ll be able to cash them out as standard rewards in your Influencer Hub.

… in your to-do this week: Simple steps to follow to get more rewards per invite:

1. Check out your Happy Hour Reward in the app now!

2. Use your unique referral link to invite your followers

3. Make sure to cash out your reward by the 31st July!

Ready. Set. Invite!