Fierce Steps, Fiercer Women: Unleash Your Power in Sweatcoin's “Empower Her” Extravaganza

Rediscover the strength in every step and connect with like-minded warriors

Sweatcoin Updates

March is here, and at Sweatcoin, we're turning up the heat to celebrate International Women's Month with fun and fitness combined! 🌟 Get ready for a series of electrifying in-app activities that will make you and your followers want to lace up those sneakers and conquer the world! 🏃‍♀️✨

Sweat, Stride, Slay. How to Join the Fun:

  1. Open the Sweatcoin app – because that's where the magic happens!
  2. Stride, sprint, and strut your way through the challenges, earning rewards and bragging rights!
  3. Why Join? Glad, you asked! We’re adding the deets to everything that is going on in the app and why you should join, below: 

1. Empower Her Challenge 

When: March 1, 2024 → March 8, 2024

Where: tap on the Activities tab and find the Empower Her step challenge in the app

What is it: a 50k step challenge with the BEST prizes a girl could ask for: a $100 gift voucher for Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Ulta Beauty or Sephora for one lucky winner.

Ladies, this one's for you! Join the Empower Her Challenge, where every step you take becomes a stride towards empowerment. We're transforming the everyday walk into a journey of self-love, confidence, and camaraderie. You'll be amazed at the strength you find in each step and just how proud you’ll feel when completing the challenge! 💪

Rediscover the strength in every step and connect with like-minded warriors in the Empower Her Club.

Oh, yeah, did we mention the exclusive Empower Her Club? Dive into a community of unstoppable women, share your wins, and cheer on your fellow warriors. Together, we're not just stepping; we're striding with style! 🚶♀️🚶♀️

2. Change the lives of women in Ethiopia Campaign 

When: March 9, 2024 → March 17, 2024

Where: The Donate tab in the app, of course, or, a shortcut if you wish.

What it is: Embrace Relief, an international humanitarian nonprofit based in the United States, is teaming up with Sweatcoin to empower underprivileged women around the globe. By meeting this month’s Sweatcoin for Good goal, we aim to provide six goats to three women in Ethiopia, which will provide milk that can be sold at local markets. The steps you take this March can help these women become agro-entrepreneurs and give them the ability to meaningfully improve their families’ standard of living.

3. She Can Mint Too Challenge 

When: March 18, 2024 → March 24, 2024

Where:  just a click away, here (be mindful on the date, if nothing pops up, the challenge is not live yet)

What is it: a 50k step challenge with a crypto twist (and prize) to it. Yes, we’re talking SWEAT. 10,000 $SWEAT tokens to be precise. 

Who says you can't break a sweat and mint some coins simultaneously? Introducing the She Can Mint Too Challenge – where your steps not only count towards a healthier you but also stack up those precious coins. Turn your strides into currency and show the world that yes, she can mint too! 💰👟

Awesome Opportunities to Earn MORE this March

  • Dear awesome Sweatcoin influencer, are you ready to earn double? 💰 💰Until April 1st 2024, we’re cranking up the excitement with almost DOUBLE the cash rewards on those awesome small cash rewards. Only one catch, as you know: it’s limited to 3 per user. Check the Influencer Hub to see your customized payouts. Don’t miss out!
  • Get your ⭐ Golden Ticket until 25th March ⭐ - Every person you invite using your referral link before the deadline is another chance to win,and the prizes add up to $2k (with an iPhone 15 as the grand prize), so get sharing!

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up, hit the pavement, invite people to join and let's make March the month we redefine what it means to stride into empowerment! 🌈👟