Join the #MerrySweatFest🎄 challenge & win a $500 Airbnb voucher

Join the #MerrySweatFest🎄 challenge & win a $500 Airbnb voucher

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Sweatcoin makes Christmas shopping even more rewarding

Hey, hey!

The most wonderful (and, yes, expensive) time of the year is just around the corner. We all know what that means: a lot of running around town on Christmas errands, last minute gift shopping (you know who you are), ongoing trips back and forth to the car, full on house & tree decorating frenzies.

Let’s face it: in December, shopping is everybody's cardio.

And instead of lifting weights, we’re all carrying gift bags. Dancing? Sure, in the living room, while decorating the tree.

All of that equals to …you’ve guessed it, a ton of Sweatcoin!

This season, we wanted to up the game and throw in a Christmas challenge with a prize that will make any trip to the mall worth it: a $500 Airbnb voucher to use on a  holiday trip of your choice! Yup, you’ll get to hand pick the perfect seasonal stay for you!

The Sweatcoin Christmas challenge is fun & has daily winners!

  1. Download or update our app & use it while you run festive errands
  2. Film yourself while you’re doing all things Christmas
  3. Use our hashtag #MerrySweatFest & special holiday filter (bonus points) 🎄
  4. Post the video on your socials & share it your friends (have your unique referral link in your bio)

The idea is simple: The reposted video on @sweatcoin’s account with the most views on Dec 22, wins the big prize! Since it’s Christmas, we’re also rewarding 300 Sweatcoin’s to each daily reposted video. Hello, new found exposure!

Sweatcoin influencers, you should really get in on that!

Letting more people know about the #MerrySweatFest🎄 challenge means earning for each invite. Easy math! You have everything you need in the app, in your Influencer Hub, so it’s up to you to make a video about it and get more people using Sweatcoin during the holidays! Don’t miss out!

TLDR: #MerrySweatFest🎄 entry rules:

  • Film yourselves doing everything Xmas related whilst using the Sweatcoin app to track your steps
  • Post it on your socials using our hashtag #MerrySweatFest🎄 and tag us @sweatcoin
  • Optional: Use our ❄️special holiday filter❄️ available on insta - just search in stories for filters for ✨merry sweatfest✨
  • Have your unique referral link in your bio (so we know how to find you & send you the reward)
  • Post your video on Instagram or TikTok

Tips for a great #MerrySweatFest challenge video:

  • Show the app & how you use it while you:
  • Complete your daily commute, runs, chores, walking a pet
  • Christmas shopping
  • Caroling
  • Carrying xmas presents
  • Decorating the tree
  • And for more ways to be holy, jolly feel free to show us your dance moves! Keep them coming as long as they’re fun, feel-good and go-get-it vibe videos.
  • Series of videos - highly welcomed!
  • Memes? Go for it!
  • Energy? Bring it!

Fact: Darker days mean we could all use a little extra pep in our step.

Raise your hand if you have a loooot to check off of your to-do list this szn. Now consider this your sign to get a BIG incentive for every move you make.

What better than a Sweatcoin challenge to make you go for a walk instead of taking the car or waiting for the bus. Getting those steps in, staying active in between holiday meals, showing us just how much fun you're having in December while getting a chance to win? We love that for you!

Here’s to you sleighing the shopping game with Sweatcoin!

The Christmas countdown is officially on. And so is the race to see what video has the most views and wins that trip!