Join the #SweatcoinVsGym Challenge

REMIX our video & join our #Sweatcoinvsgym challenge, it's fun!

Sweatcoin Updates

Hey, hey.

It’s T minus a few days before we spring forward, which means brighter days are just around the corner. For sweatcoiners, that means one thing - longer walks in the sun! For Sweatcoin influencers, that equals a lot more outdoor content to film! Can we get an AMEN?  

Speaking of which … Need some on-the-go inspiration to max out your earnings during Happy Hour month (still on until March 16 - just FYI)? Here’s an easy fix: DUET this video or this one AND invite your audience to do the same. 

These videos are a part of the #sweatcoinvsgym challenge that you can find on our TikTok or Insta profiles, and it’s about asking people to show us how they replace the gym with fun outdoor activities and earn sweatcoins while doing them. You're basically saving that monthly and recurrent gym payment, make the best out of spring weather and get rewarded for movement. Who doesn’t want that?

Couldn’t be any easier:

  • Use our video with the DUET feature on TikTok or REMIX for Instagram to do your own thing 
  • Add the hashtag #sweatcoinvsgym 
  • Add your unique Sweatcoin invite link, of course 
  • Get filming and inviting until March 16 to DOUBLE YOUR REWARDS!

It’s the kind of challenge that everybody would like to join. Because it’s FUN! It’s not bound to any rigid rules and everybody can jump in and show how they’re enjoying these sunnier days. AND how they’re replacing the gym subscription with outdoor stuff. 

  • It could be doing cartwheels in the grass with your young ones
  • Running on the beach
  • Walking your fur baby
  • Going at farmer’s market 
  • Hiking
  • Walking in the woods
  • Documenting or rehearsing your hot girl walk (summer is one blink away, anyway!)

Ok, ‘nough talk. Show us what you got! Let's see those moves!