Just added for influencers: Tickets are NOW available for you! 🎫

NEW Feature ALERT: BIG prizes are waiting for YOU, don’t miss out!

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Hold onto your hats, dear influencers, because we've just unleashed something extraordinary in the world of Sweatcoin!

Say hello to the GOLDEN TICKET 🎫 - your ticket to a universe of dazzling prizes and endless excitement! 🎉

For the very first time, and ONLY until Nov 11, every invite you send out is more than just a friendly gesture – it's your magical ticket to scratch and win! Right within your beloved Sweatcoin app, an all-new and electrifying SCRATCH feature is eagerly awaiting your touch. Brace yourselves to unlock an array of prizes that will make your jaw drop:

🎯 iPhone 14 Pro Max
🎯 AirPods Max
🎯 $50 prizes - Airbnb vouchers
🎯 $25 prizes - Amazon vouchers
🎯 Up to 1000 SWC

How does this NEW feature work?

1. Open your Sweatcoin app and keep your eyes peeled for the banner - we stand corrected, it's not just a banner; it's your gateway to a world of fun and prizes! 🚪

2. Tap that banner, and voila! You'll find yourself on the details page. You’ll see a lock image with a button below and you can use that link for sending invites or your regular influencer link with no fuss.

3. Every new invite equals a fresh opportunity to win! You’ll get a GOLDEN TICKET 🎫  in the app.

4. You’ll have to scratch away the cover to see what you’ve won. Exciting, right?

What Awaits You: The Marvelous Perks!

💯 Guaranteed Prize for Every Invite: Picture this – winning that coveted iPhone 14 Pro Max or immersing yourself in the world of music with those stylish AirPods Max! Every single invite you send out ensures you snag a guaranteed prize from our stellar lineup. It's like having your own genie granting your wishes! 🌟

♾️ Unlimited Invites, Unlimited Fun: There's absolutely no limit to the number of people you can invite. Each invitation guarantees you a shiny prize, so why stop at one? Keep inviting, keep winning!  🏆

The Clock is Ticking – Dive In NOW!

Don't let this glittering opportunity slip through your fingers. The Golden Ticket will only appear until Nov 11, so make the best of it!

Hit That Invite Button NOW and Let the Prizes Rain Down! 🎁💫

Happy Inviting and may the prizes be ever in your Favor!