LATAM Contest Alert: Want to earn based on views? You got it!

Make a super cool Sweatcoin video and earn based on how many views it gets!

Influencer Stories

Calling all LATAM influencers! More views = More earnings! 

We need creativity on-the-go and we’re going to reward it, big time. Like never before. Seriously! The idea is as easy as it gets: make a super cool Sweatcoin video and earn based on how many views it gets. Who’s in?!

Crowd-pleasing videos get up to $300

Ever heard of pay per view? That’s exactly how this contest will work. Here’s the entire breakdown of the cash prizes, based on the total number of views your video will get:

  • 5000 views = $25
  • 50K views = $150
  • 100K views = $100
  • 250K views = $125
  • 1M views = $300

Interested? GREAT! Let’s set some ground rules (this is a serious contest, after all!)

Does anybody get to participate?

Glad you asked. We’re opening the list only for influencers that have 

  • You must have an Instagram or TikTok page
  • At least 5000 followers
  • No adult content
  • Nothing dodgy
  • Must have Sweatcoin link in bio

If you check all the boxes, you can SIGN IN in the preliminary phase. Note that we’re looking for the *best & fastest influencers*, meaning that only 50 creators will get to participate in the race for most views & the cash rewards stated above. 

Where can you sign up?

We have a form for you to fill in in Spanish or Portuguese. Super quick. Every entry will be submitted to a vetting process based on the criteria shared above. Sign up & complete the form. Only 50 participants will be approved.. 

If you’re in, what do you need to do to win?

Create a new Sweatcoin video following some provided script ideas to encourage downloads - that’s the goal!  

We wanted to make it as smooth as possible, hence we thought it would be nice to provide some creative directions, should you need them. Of, course, you can always do your own thing. After all, you know your audience best! 

👉 Find the script ideas in English / Spanish / Portuguese - here. 👈

Once you’re happy with the result, share it with us. We will provide specific feedback if we disapprove it and allow you to resubmit. We’re cool like that :). 

Rules. Rules. Rules (a recap)

Following our Influencer Guidelines is a MUST, and so are the following: 

✔️ Film yourself in first person, following any of the scripts provided your own

✔️ Use a relatable tone that connects with your audience

✔️ Showcase app use through screenshots or screen-recordings

✔️ Any music featured in your ad must be licensed for commercial use

✔️ Your video must include an ad tag in the video that is visible

✔️ Your video must be posted to a TikTok or Instagram account you own that allows clickable hyperlinks in your bio

✔️ Your video must be live on your social account for the duration of the challenge

✔️ 3 submissions max per creator

❌ Disclaimer - We have the right to reject your ad if we believe it is low quality. 

❌ This may include not enough relevance to the app, poor camera, lighting, or audio quality, any media that does not follow our general guidelines, etc. 

❌ You CANNOT boost or otherwise drive manufactured views to your TikTok post, or Instagram Reel post. Using Spark, or any other method, to boost view counts is strictly prohibited.

When will the content begin?

For the 50 chosen influencers, the start date will be Feb 15. Each creator can submit a max of 3 videos until March 31, 2023. If you need any more help, follow us on IG or join our discord channel and pop a question there, anytime. 

If you're all set, then go, go, go. First step, fill out the application form! (Spanish or Portuguese) Hop to it and good luck!