Ready to be the #1 sweatcoiner on your campus & win an Apple Watch?

Sweatcoins August campus race - win an Apple Watch

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Class in session: How to make the most out of back-to-school season, get free Sweatcoin and the chance to win the grand prize: an Apple Watch

Calling all amazing students: back-to-school season is a social season. We’re talking about a whole new social environment and campus to roam around on. While it might be confusing at first - both directionally and intellectually, we figured we’d reward your campus steps.

After all, going off to college is a BIG step. So who better than Sweatcoin to make sure you’re off to a great start?

This August, join our #sweatcampus challenge & get the chance to win cool stuff from us!

How to enter:

  1. Download and use Sweatcoin app to explore your campus - did you stumble upon a perfect study spot or discovered the best spot to watch sunsets on campus? Share that with your friends & see the steps you take add up with Sweatcoin.
  1. Join our campus race to be the top campus explorer! You have a month to explore and meet the threshold of 250k steps, where you’ll automatically receive a 25 Sweatcoin bonus!
  1. Show us how you’re doing → create a video/reel, post it together with our hashtag: #sweatcampus and encourage other students to get moving more and earn Sweatcoin with every step
  1. Invite your new pals to join in the challenge - if you’re a Sweatcoin influencer, you can use your unique link to invite friends to join the challenge

What’s in it for you?

a) Weekly prizes of 50 sweatcoins will be awarded to the students that post an insta video or reel using our #sweatcampus challenge and show us your campus steps!  - make sure to follow and tag us @sweatcoin to enter! - sweeeet! We’ll be announcing the lucky fellas on our Insta channel, stay tuned!

b)All race participants who meet the target will be entered into a prize draw to win an apple watch!

c)If we like what you did, we will definitely use your content for more Sweatcoin challenges and even post them to our social channels

Types of videos you can create to join this challenge:
  • On a back-to-school shopping spree? Use Sweatcoin to count those steps and turn them into rewards! After all, students need an extra budget umph and saving money in college is a must, for …most of us!
  • Decorating your dorm & doing a haul on Youtube with all the college supplies every student needs when moving in? Not to point out the obvious, but earning Sweatcoin & then using them to buy useful stuff from our market place is the way to go if you have savings on your mind.
  • Trying to figure out your schedule, where your classes are and how to get faster to the coffee cart? Creating super relatable memes about the trials and tribulations of the first year of college? Making of list of all the must-have student apps everybody should have? You got the idea - add Sweatcoin to the list.
  • Want to introduce Sweatcoin to your audience and show them how to use it? The #sweatcampus challenge is the perfect time to do it. Get filming!

Hey, any video that rounds up some legit advice on how to navigate the first year of college easier is going to blow up on social and help a ton of kids. So what’s there to think about?

Start promoting Sweatcoin & join our #sweatcampus challenge, so we can reward as many students as possible. Here’s to a great new year!