Revamp your wellness routine with the #SwcBoostFor30 TikTok challenge

#SwcBoostFor30 TikTok challenge

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#SwcBoostFor30 TikTok challenge

We’ve all heard of impossible fitness & wellness challenges that exist just to torture our self-esteem. Tried the 75 hard challenge and quit the next day? SAME. Felt super bad about yourself for not sticking to it? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we thought about doing it our way, not the highway. Meaning - coming up with a health challenge that is mood-boosting, stress-reducing, and that everybody can jump on. Sans the misery.

Introducing the #SwcBoostFor30 challenge, aka the wellness challenge that is really doable & still has show-stopping benefits. TRUST.

Intrigued? Allow us to explain. Here are the deets:

  • Duration: 30 days straight.
  • Exemptions: none. Miss one day and start all over again, from the beginning. (hey, it’s still a challenge, commitment is key)

What do you need to do: post a 3-piece wellness routine TikTok that includes:

  • Going for a 20 minute boosted walk daily (use our daily boost to make the most out of them steps)
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • 2 minutes a day mindfulness practice
  • Tag one person you are grateful for
  • Use our hashtag #SwcBoostFor30
  • Have your unique invite link in your bio!

That’s it.

Seems too easy? Do it! Stick to it for 30 days in a row and tell us how you feel afterwards.

Why did we choose these activities?

Because we were keen on creating a customized program that doesn’t require a gym membership or you bending over backwards for a trend. We focused on activities that would not take up your entire day, but still provide instant results, inside out.

We bet you’ll be surprised how just a 20-minutes-a-day walk makes such a difference.

Will there be physical changes? You bet! You can run, walk or even do a walking meditation, it all counts. Need an extra nudge to lace up? Waking - aka the most underrated form of exercise helps:

  • Protect your heart
  • Keep your memory sharp
  • Lose belly fat
  • Improve your overall mood
  • Increase your energy
  • Reduce the risk of premature death by a one-third

Drinking those 8 glasses of water per day will significantly improve:

  • Physical performance
  • Energy levels & brain functions
  • Bowel movements
  • How you deal with hangovers
  • Weight loss
  • Flushing out toxins
  • The overall appearance of your skin

Ok, so what’s the deal with gratitudine being the third magic part of the our #SwcBoostFor30 challenge? Are you going soft on us, Sweatcoin?

Legit questions. Here’s the deal: gratitude is a mindfulness practice that will change your perspective on life. And one of the most overlooked wellness tools we have on hand. Period.

Practicing gratitude has been shown to help you:

  • Sleep better
  • Keep meaningful relationships in your life
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Increase mental strength
  • Enhance long-term happiness
  • Boost optimism

Low effort, high rewards, right?

How to join the challenge:

  • Commit to walking 20 mins a day using the daily boost, drinking 8 glasses of water and taking 3 minutes to think about a good thing that happened or to give thanks for having a certain someone in your life
  • Make a video/post and use the official hashtag of the challenge #SwcBoostFor30
  • Get friends & followers on board - keep one another accountable and get a walking buddy – challenge friends to start the #SwcBoostFor30 with you!
  • Tag the person who made you smile today and say a public or a private thanks - they’ll love an honest shoutout, so tagging on social is appropriate.

Things to know:

By walking, you get Sweatcoin for each step. And since the idea is to squeeze in 20 minutes per day using the Daily x2 Boost feature that means double the amount of sweatcoin you get (wink, wink). Tell friends about this feature and help them earn more for their steps!

The health benefits are great and all, but did someone say prizes?

All reposts to the Sweatcoin TikTok page will receive 300 Sweatcoins. We know you’re going to do it for your physical & mental health, but hey, a little incentive is always a good idea, right?

Get to it! Tips don’t lie:

  • Post a TikTok video on your profiles using the hashtag #SwcBoostfor30 and let people know you joined this challenge
  • State the benefits of such a challenge - #adayinlife videos work really well for this sort of thing, just saying!
  • Tell people about the Sweatcoin app and teach them how to use it while doing this challenge
  • Encourage people to join!