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Influencer Stories

Humble brag: Sweatcoin was the #1 Health and Fitness app in the world in 2022. So yes, some gloating is on order. Up for more good news? You can unlock success with Sweatcoin and become one of our top influencers worldwide. Here’s how!

POV: you need to join Sweatcoin’s Influencer Program if “earn more (and save the world at the same time)” is a goal this year.

Easy to join? Check. Recurring revenue stream? Also check. Need more proof that the Sweatcoin’s Influencer Program is a must if you want cash rewards and no cap on earning? How’s this? More than 76k influencers have joined our program in 2022. That’s because 1. We’re super cool! and 2. Our program is open to everyone! 

All you have to do is invite people to join via your unique influencer link and create engaging content promoting Sweatcoin. Download Sweatcoin to get your unique link.

We do have some influencer guidelines that are a MUST, but as you can see, they are mostly common sense rules to follow. Here’s a cheat sheet of tip & tricks that make a great video:

What do you get once you’re a Sweatcoin Influencer?

Beside introducing your audience to the best app to keep them healthy & wealthy (since everybody is getting sweatcoins for their every step!) that will have them saying ‘“tysm”, you get access to our Influencer Hub, a special in-app tab, exclusively for influencers. 

You’ll find there all the info about special events & races, rewards and extra features just for you, together with the entire breakdown of your earnings, balance & preferred reward option. 

Need help to keep coming up with new content? We have a tool box & support in sooooo many languages. The Sweatcoin Influencer community is just that: one big heartfelt community that we constantly learn from! That's why we’re into rewarding our influencers big time!

Did someone say “viral”? Ohhh, yeah! 

A lot of influencers are riding the virality wave since joining our program, and we’re doing our best to give them extra exposure:

  • Reposting them on our social channels that have quite the following 
  1. TikTok- 540k followers
  2. IG: 754k followers
  3. IG for Promote Sweatcoin: 50k followers 
  • Offering extra rewards for sparkling content creators 
  • Create an original short videos to get people to learn about Sweatcoin and earn from invites + from licensing your content to us

Once you become a Sweatcoin Influencer, you’ll join forces with a growth machine designed to put the best content out into the world. You’ll have that to add to your portfolio of top brands you’ve worked with and benefit from the mechanism we’ve built for insane exposure. 

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