Updates to the Influencer Referral Program

Refer an influencer, get paid!

Sweatcoin Updates

Hey Influencers! We’re rolling out a bonus cash reward option to our Referral Program! It’s a $100 cash bonus! Everytime you refer another influencer to Sweatcoin’s Influencer Program, you will get paid $75 directly through PayPal or a Bank Transfer, and the referred influencer will get paid $25! This is only available for a very limited number of influencers on a first come, first serve basis, so get those referrals in right away! There is no limit to how many cash bonuses a single influencer can receive. Oh, and we can upgrade the referred influencer to our VIP Tier right away, as long as they’re eligible!

In order to submit a referral, please visit: https://sweatcoin3.typeform.com/to/TOaPfl7p. As for the original 15% referral bonus, this cannot be redeemed in addition to the cash bonus. While submitting a referral, you will have the option to select between the $75 cash bonus or commission bonus. Additionally, please note that if the referred influencer is on Instagram, they must have at least 100K followers in order for you to be eligible for the $75 cash bonus. However, we accept referrals on all social media platforms! As soon as the referred influencer claims their first reward, they will be sent $25 and you (the referrer) will be sent $75. The entirety of this offer’s terms and conditions can be found on the Referral Submission Form.

Have any questions? Feel free to DM us on Instagram @PromoteSweatcoin or send us an email at influencers@sweatco.in. It’s time to get paid hundreds of dollars for just spreading the word about our Influencer Program!