Walk for a good cause during Ramadan

Ramadan 2023 with Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin Updates

No walk for you this Ramadan? You're missing out on something magic!

Let's call it: Ramadan is not just about decorating. It’s about family, kindness & togetherness. That’s why we invite you to align kindness and community with movement that matters and add Sweatcoin to your daily habits.  

Join the Zakat Walkathon with Save the Children

The best thing about walking with Sweatcoin this Ramadan? You can donate your steps for the Zakat Walkathon with the Save the Children Foundation and make a REAL difference for the better. Sweatcoin will make a donation to Save The Children once the goal is reached.

Together we can make a difference!

If you feel the same and were already thinking about creating a Ramadan video, here are some things you can touch upon and encourage your fans to do:

🌙 Go on a daily walk with loved ones

🌙 Turn on Daily Boost to double your sweatcoins for 20 mins

🌙 Help reach the Zakat Walkathon’s 30 billion step goal

Plus, when you open the Sweatcoin app, you can choose a custom icon in the spirit of the celebration.

Thinking of creating a Sweatcoin video for Ramadan about all of this?

Great idea! 👉 Here’s a video about how to participate in the in-app celebration & Walkathon.

What you’ll need to do is:

  • Create a new Sweatcoin video added to your profile (our regular t&c apply)
  • Hit these points:
  • Make it personal, tell a story
  • How are you preparing for Ramadan?
  • What are your daily habits during Ramadan?
  • How are you & your family/friends using Sweatcoin for daily walks this Ramadan?
  • How do you contribute to bigger causes and help the community?

Did someone say Influencer Invite Competition?

You bet! This Ramadan, all your creative efforts have a BIG reward. Take part in our latest influencer competition to win one of many exciting prizes!

You know how this goes, by now. It’s simple:

✅ Invite as many as you can to Sweatcoin by April 20th

✅ Make sure they use your unique link to download the app

✅ Check the leaderboard to see how you’re doing

Successfully invite 10 or more people and we’ll include you in the prize draw. For a guaranteed prize - make sure that you’re one of the top 10 influencers with the highest number of invites.

We can’t wait to see how you do!