🔥 Win a Tesla Model 3 🔥 Enter the biggest giveaway ever!

⚡️Win a Tesla in Sweat Wallet!⚡️ Yes, we're serious.

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In 2023, the odds are in your favor! Why? Because you can enter the easiest prize draw ever to win a major prize this January! How does a brand new Tesla Model 3 sound? Jaw, dropped. 

If you can already picture yourself in it, just follow the ridiculously easy steps to enter the giveaway, share them with everyone you know and keep those fingers crossed. Who knows? You might be living the dream and taking the Tesla off your vision board and into reality sooner than you think. 

Let’s step on it!

Here is what you need to do to get closer to the Tesla

Follow the entry rules. Btw, they are the same for you or your followers - everybody gets an equal chance:

  1. Download Sweatcoin app here: sweatco.in/i/app.

💡 If you already are an existing Sweatcoin and Sweat Wallet user (hi 5 from us!), head to Step 4 below (scroll away).

  1. Complete the registration and opt into crypto by clicking the banner. Then Install Sweat Wallet and login with Sweatcoin app. Follow the prompts ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  1. Get moving! Walk about 4 days and you will earn 10 SWEAT tokens in the Sweat Wallet. 

💡 Another way to do it is to buy some SWEAT tokens within the Sweat Wallet app and participate now! Campaign ends on 13 Jan, 2023 23:59 UTC! So, we’d hurry if we were you! 

  1. Open the Sweat Wallet, head to the Grow tab. Click Create a new jar, select 23% at the top, put at least 10 SWEAT into the jar. Slide the bottom bar to confirm. Then close the message. 

  1. Head to the Rewards tab, click on the Tesla prize draw banner. Click “Enter prize draw”. Change contact email if you need to, then click “Enter prize draw” again to confirm. 

Done! You have now opted into our biggest giveaway ever! 

Winners of the *giveaway of all giveaways* will be announced on Twitter and contacted via email. 

Remember the end date for this is Jan 13. If you're a bit late in the game, we do have a shortcut: buy SWEAT tokens in the Sweat Wallet to join the giveaway now. You only need 10 $SWEAT in Growth Jars to enter this giveaway and get the chance to drive away in style! 🤓

So get those fingers tapping and make sure you enter the contest asap! You snooze, you lose!  Stay tuned & keep an eye on our Twitter - you may just win a Tesla, how crazy is that? Go, go, go!

Have a Q about Sweatcoin’s Tesla Model 3 giveaway?

Just ask in our Sweat Economy Discord channel: https://discord.gg/sweateconomy. We’re there to help! The giveaway is open only for countries where the SWEAT wallet is available. For more on that, head over here.