Your chance to win 1 year salary is here! Be our Chief Walking Officer

Ladies and gentlemen (we mean you, cool SWEAT users & influencers) hold onto

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Your chance to win 1 year salary is here! Be our Chief Walking Officer

Ladies and gentlemen (we mean you, cool SWEAT users & influencers) hold onto your hats, because we’re coming in hot with the best news: we’re giving away a 1 year salary to 1 lucky winner! We’re calling him/her the Chief Walking Officer  (it has a ring to it, right?) and everyone has a fair shot to the title!

Chief Walking Officer Wanted. Reward: a year’s salary

Picture this: 1 year of getting $2k/month from us. No more worrying about monthly income. Or making ends meet. Finally having some extra cash flow. Living THE life!

Until now Sweatcoin was one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but pair it with the Sweat Wallet app and it could be your ticket to financial freedom too! Permission to start calling us the app that gives back, granted!

Ok, enough daydreaming. Here’s how to make it happen and get a chance of becoming the Chief Walking Officer:

  1. The Captain Obvious requirement: Download Sweat Wallet.

  • If you see the Chief Walking Officer ad in your Sweatcoin app, tap it to download Sweat Wallet, and follow the steps below. You can also go straight to the App Store/Google Play store to download.
  • If you already have the Sweat Wallet app, jump to Step 3 below. Steps 1 and 2 are for users who have Sweatcoin but do not have Sweat Wallet app (you know who you are!)

  1. Click ‘Login with Sweatcoin’

  • This will open your Sweatcoin app. Opt-in to crypto. Go through the registration process on the Sweat Wallet app.

  • On the Sweat Wallet homepage, head to the Grow tab. Click ‘Create a new jar’, then select 12% at the top, and put at least 25 SWEAT into the jar. Slide the bottom bar to confirm. Then close the message.

  • Head to the ‘Rewards’ tab, click on the Chief Walking Officer prize draw banner. You will see it is ‘Unlocked’ if you have staked enough SWEAT in Growth Jars. Click ’Enter here’. Change contact email if you need to, then swipe to opt-in.

Done! We are drawing one winner on Livestream Draw on Monday 17 April, 2:00PM UTC. Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned, you may just win a year's salary!

Oh, one more thing: in order to ensure that our Chief Walking Officer keeps his healthy walking habits during the 12 months of guaranteed income SWEAT Economy, we do have 1 condition for the lucky fella.

  • Nothing too over the top, of course: the winner will just have to walk an average of 5K steps per day, and take a selfie once per month that we are going to use for marketing purposes. Basically brag.
  • Tracking those steps, and snapping those selfies is not too much to ask for a 12 month salary prize, is it? Yeah, we didn’t think so!
  • TLDR: the winner will have to:
  • Walk 5,000 steps / day
  • Take 12 Photos (One per Month)
  • Open to video or written press interview

If you have any questions, just ask in our Discord channel:

Be the first influencer to spread the news about this amazing opportunity. Good luck to you all!

Disclaimer - This is not an offer of employment. T&Cs apply.