How to go viral with Sweatcoin

Beginner’s Guide to monetizing your audience and creating viral content by promoting the #1 Health & Fitness app in the world

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Sweatcoin Influencer Program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Grow & monetize your audience
  • Create viral content
  • Make more $$$ from your Social Media
  • Have a recurrent passive income
  • Inspire people to move more & be healthier

Sweatcoin Influencer Program


How does it work?

The Sweatcoin Influencer Program is an additional way to earn more sweatcoins and amazing rewards for inviting others to join the Sweatcoin fun.

76k influencers have joined our program in 2022.


How do I become an influencer?

Download the app

Invite 20 unique users or more to download and install Sweatcoin.

You'll receive 5 sweatcoins per successful invitee, only if your invitee has successfully installed and has a step count more than 0.


What do you get as a Sweatcoin Influencer?

You get access to our Influencer Hub, a special in-app tab, exclusively for influencers.

Cash rewards, where you can cash in your invites for $$$.

Constant support from a dedicated team in sooo many languages.

Extra exposure on our own social media profiles with more than 1.3M followers combined.

Being part of the Influencer Community

The Influencer Hub is a window of discovery, a source of inspiration and a social experience.

It’s a community of like minded people who share your values and goals.

We’re constantly enhancing the Influencer Hub experience with collective solutions:

  • Promote sweatcoin influencer website, blog & social media
  • Dedicated Discord server
  • VIP program for the most prominent influencers
  • Referral program
  • Opportunity to test new app features first
  • Creative collaborations and content support
  • Support via all available channels

Check out the Influencer Hub,a place that drives interaction

How to earn as a Sweatcoin Influencer

Use your unique invite link:

  • Invite people using it and get paid for every single download from your unique link
  • Share it and add it to your bio

Create a super cool video in your unique style in which you:

  • Tell a story about Sweatcoin
  • Promote our features
  • Encourage others to download and use the app

Join exclusive races & special rewards

Cash out

How to earn as a Sweatcoin Influencer

The idea behind joining Sweatcoin’s Influencer Program is to grow your invites and redeem them for cash and exciting rewards in the Influencer Hub.

That’s right in the Sweatcoin app.

There you’ll find your current invite balance = the number of verified invites (people who have downloaded the app from your link and started walking).

You can choose between reward options - cash rewards or special offers. The more people you invite, the bigger the cash rewards you can unlock.

Find out more here

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Happy Hour

How it works: Influencers have a promotional period of almost double the pay out. The 2x payout only applies to invites generated within the timeframe.

Value: Double the earnings

Special rewards

How it works: Special rewards are alternatives to cash rewards e.g. vouchers that are exclusive to some markets.

Value: Alternative earnings

Influencer Invite Competition

How it works: Influencers join the competition in-app, once joined they get added to our leaderboard where they are ranked by invite count.

Value: Cash & cool prizes for invites

Check out the top features to promote in this blog post

5-step process to creating viral content

If you're ready to take your social media presence to the next level and start growing your brand online, listen up. 

We’re testing 200+ ads per week. So we know a thing or two. And this is the proven formula for viral Sweatcoin videos:

Hook + Details + CTA

  • Your hook = your unique angle or a surprising opening statement
  • After that, go into more detail about the app - show app screens, physical activity, the marketplace
  • End with a CTA: download for free, click the link in our bio, tag a friend below, etc.

Video Must-Haves

I doesn’t matter if it’s a TikTok video, an IG reel or Youtube Short. All winning videos share these common elements:

  • An eye catching START that demands attention
  • A statement that will stop people from scrolling, a dialogue, characters or an unexpected situation
  • Captions
  • Music
  • CTA at the end

Pro tips for filming quality content:

  • Your hook = your unique angle or a surprising opening statement
  • After that, go into more detail about the app - show app screens, physical activity, the marketplace
  • End with a CTA: download for free, click the link in our bio, tag a friend below, etc.

Video creatives checklist 

  • Footage
    Show the app
  • CTA
    Ask people to download
  • Free
    Free app, Free Download
  • Captions
    Strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

    If they are included, they need to look platform native & centered on the screen
  • Music
    Original sound or license free music
  • Video Duration
    Max 1 minute for ads, ideal under 20 sec
  • Resolution
    Minimum resolution: TikTok video - 1080×1920.
    Aspect ratio: standard smartphone screen, 9:16 and 1:1 (square)
  • Link in Bio
    Have your unique Sweatcoin invite link in your bio
  • Crypto
  • Money Emoji
  • Blurred Images

Hashtags to use


Sweatcoin Hashtags:

#Sweatcoin - 33.9K
#LimitedTimeOffer - 467K
#Sweatcoinapp - 1k +

Trending Hashtags:

#reels - 488M
#trending - 354M
#fyp - 192M
#selflove - 103M
#mindset - 55.3M
#feedfeed - 21M *food creators
#relatable - 18.5M
#positivethinking - 12.1M
#influencers - 5.6M

Tik Tok

Sweatcoin Hashtags:

#sweatcoin - 337.8M
#sweatcoinapp - 307.7M
#sweatcoinchallenge - 17.4M
#sweatcoininfluencer - 5.2M
#sweatcoindailyboost 358.8K

General Trending Hashtags:

#Humor - 1929.8B
#Motivation - 301.7B
#GRWM - 110.5B *lifestyle creators
#explore - 83B
#trendingsong -62.9B
#tech -47B
#workfromhome - 15.9B
#walk - 12B
#fyp - 4B
#dailywalk - 61.0M
#influencerlifestyle - 38.8M
#dailywalks - 18.0M
#tiktokpetlover - 16.3M

Trending Hashtags by TikTokers:

#foryou - 25455.6B
#viral - 16489.8B
#capcut - 3563.3B
#greenscreen -1 448.4B
#POV - 852.5B
#CapCutTutorial - 4.1B

Trending Hashtags for June 2023:

#FamilyMeals - 364.2M
#EffortlessChic - 233.3M
#Exams2023 - 53.5M
#WhoAreYouTalkingToRightNow - 127.7K

Trending sounds & music

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Our current favorite sounds to use:

Makeba - Jain
Push Up - Creeds
What it is - Doechii
Smooth Operator (speed up.) - Enzo
Cinnamon Girl - Lana del Rey
S-Class (short ver.) - Stray Kids
Eyes Without a Face (short ver) - Billy Idol
Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B) - Santana
Say Yes to Heaven - Lana del Rey
Moonlight (speed up) - Kali Uchis
VOID - Lil Nas X
Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar

Trends come and go.
Trendsetters are forever.

  • Strive to become a trendsetter
  • Bridge the gap between users, other creators & our app
  • Use your influencer powers for good
  • Act like a catalizer to push people to be more active
  • Overcomplicate things: a message should be simple, a challenge should be short & sweet
  • Assume people get it without explaining first
  • Start with the app name - instead, build it up as you go

CapCut templates & tutorials to use in a Sweatcoin video

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